School & Organisational Visits

Welcome to the GGNP tour page for education and organisations.  GGNP have been conducting tours for schools, colleges and organisations for many years.  The aim of the tours is to create more awareness around the Sikh faith and what the inside of a Gurdwara typically looks like, wherever in the world it may be.

The tour is aimed at all levels- from Year 1 children to adults, and comprises of a guided tour where guests have an opportunity to walk through the Gurdwara. The background and history of the Sikh faith maybe discussed during the interactive tour, where Q and A are encouraged.

The tour comprises of: –
•What is the Nishaan Sahib?
•Langar hall walk through
•Diwan hall walk through
•Palki Sahib walk through
•Demonstration of musical instruments
•Q & A

The second part of the visit is an interactive presentation with the guests. This normally lasts around 30 mins, where we talk about the Sikh faith, history of the Gurdwara, Sikh values and lifestyles.  This supports the locally agreed RE syllabus in Coventry & Warwickshire.

The presentation covers: –

•History of GGNP Gurdwara
•What is a Sikh
•What to find in a Gurdwara
•Sikh Gurus
•Sikh lifestyle
•Sikh values
•5 k’s
•Q & A

Towards the end of the session, we provide light snacks and drinks for the children and offer langar to the adults.  Our recommendation is to book a  morning session with a minimum two hour window.

In preparation for the School visit, can all children and adults bring their own head covering, handkerchief’s and scarves. No hats or caps please. We look forward to seeing you.

Update Academic Year 2023 / 2024

We are now fully booked for the remainder of the academic year. We are taking bookings for the Autumn Term onwards.

Last academic year, we had 1267 visitors and over 20 schools and organisations!

GGNP have completed guided tours for schools, colleges, universities and organisations in Coventry & Warwickshire. Our tour guides are DBS checked.

To find out more and to book a visit, please fill in the form.

Recent Testimonials

Stoke Heath Primary School, Coventry.

“The opportunity for the children to tour the Gurdwara. They were able to understand the layout and symbolism of the religious artefacts.”

Grange Farm Primary School, Coventry.

The children really enjoyed playing the instruments because this was really interactive and engaging for them. They all said this was their favourite part.

We, as teachers, feel that they gained a lot from visiting the prayer hall. This was really valuable for understanding how Sikhs worship.

Coventry City Council Migration Team Visit.

All of our learners were fully engaged throughout the tour, especially with the aid of translation from a member of the CCC migration team.

Meriden CE Primary School, Solihull.

Immersing the children into the Sikh faith and exposing them to some of the practices that they had learned in school.

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